Naše certifikáty - NAOMI Biocosmetics


Because we want the highest quality for our products and your maximum satisfaction, we only use natural ingredients, we are not indifferent to the environment and we respect animal rights. We produce luxury cosmetics that have earned the following certificates:


CPK BioWe are proud that all NAOMI BioCosmetics® products have been certified by CPK BIO – certified natural biocosmetics. Standards for such organic and natural cosmetics are based on renowned international Ecocert certification.

Certified natural organic cosmetics (CPK BIO) is a superstructure for products containing ingredients from organic farming, which must not only meet the CPK standard, they must also contain the required amount of organic ingredients.

Products marked with the CPK a CPK BIO labels guarantee that they meet the following standards:

- The products contain the highest quality plant ingredients, including ingredients from organic farming, or the collection of herbs or fruits growing in the wild.

- Products do not contain any synthetic, fragrant, preservative or coloring agents.

- The products do not contain genetically modified ingredients.

- Products and ingredients are not tested on animals, and no ingredients from dead animals are used (animal collagen and glycerin, spermaceti, mink fat and others).

- The products do not contain chemical UV filters, electron carriers or ethoxylated ingredients.

- The plants are harvested in a gentle way, taking into account environmental protection.

- The manufacturer meets the requirements for environmentally friendly waste disposal, as well as environmentally friendly production and packaging materials.


VeganThe Vegan Logo is a registered trademark and a Vegan Society symbol. Products labeled with the Vegan Logo guarantee that they have not been tested on animals, contain no animal substances and no animal-derived substances, i.e. are not of animal origin (e.g. honey, milk, beeswax, royal jelly). Vegan products are produced according to Vegan Animal free Strandards.


medzinárodný certifikát Human Cosmetics Standard (HCS)Our NAOMI BioCosmetics® cosmetics also hold the international Human Cosmetics Standard certificate. It is the only worldwide valid certificate granted to cosmetics companies whose products (including individual ingredients) are not tested on animals.

HCS-certified cosmetics companies must not carry out tests on animals or commission them to other entities. In addition, they must adhere to a fixed date for the termination of animal testing, after which the products or their ingredients may no longer be tested on animals (the certificate may only be granted after this date). Compliance with these conditions is controlled by regular audits. HCS certificates are nationally awarded by ECEAE member organizations. In Slovakia this certification is granted by Sloboda zvierat (Animal Freedom).

Thanks to the HCS certificate, consumers can be sure that the product they buy is guaranteed to not be tested on animals.